How To Get iMessage On PC, Windows (7, 8, 8.1 & 10)

Imessage on PC is a very handy and easy to use instant messaging application with the help of which you can send text, photos, videos and audio clips. It is quite similar to the number instant messaging apps in the market like Whatsapp or facebooks messengers. But, the main little difference that makes iMessage stand out from the rest is its ability to send text and picture messages like any conventional or normal messages which a receiver can view in his or her inbuilt message app. Even when the device has no internet connection. Thus, iMessage can be seen as quite a handy messaging app where you need not be dependent on one service all the time.

iMessage is one of the most top rated and widely used iOS messaging application. It has been able to earn quite a reputation in the field of both mobile phones as well as computers when it comes to providing messaging services on a wide scale.

imessage on pc

The application iMessage for PC comprises of quite a number of features like sending links from the Safari browser, drawing and scribbling out messages, play games inside iMessage, sending out animations and much more.  

App Name: iMessage On PC
Windows Supported Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
License: Free
Download Size: 10.5 MB
Operating System: Window
Last Updated March 18, 2018
Total Downloads 12 Million+
Official Website iMessage For PC

How is iMessage different from traditional messaging?

Well in the past traditional messaging applications would only allow its users to send only text messages and would charge quite an amount for such messaging services. But, with iMessage, you need not pay a dime to send texts to your friends and family. iMessage allows you to send messages with the help of internet. It works similar to other instant messaging applications which work on the internet. But, with iMessage, the other person (receiver) does not need to have the same app or internet connection to receive your message. The receiver can view your message in his or her traditional message app as well. Thus, giving you a very wide spectrum of options to get the message to your desired destination.

How to work with iMessage on PC?

Well, iMessage for PC is not readily or officially available for PC, since it is an iOS-based application. But, still, you can use iMessage on your PC and Android device with the help of a few instructions and steps, which we are going to explain here.

iMessage on PC Software information

How to Download and Install iMessage on PC?

  • Firstly, you will need to install an iOS emulator application on to your machine or PC.

There are a number of iOS emulator on the market :

  • iPadian
  • Smartface
  • Mobione Studio
  • Air iPhone
  • Now, you can select either one of the above-listed emulators according to your preference. But, we will be sticking to iPadian emulator for the time being. It is one of the most widely used emulators for iOS.
  • Thirdly, after you have downloaded the iPadian emulator app, run the exe. file on your machine and select the required options according to your preferences.
  • After the installation is complete run the emulator and you are good to go.
  • During the first run procedure, you will need to complete some formalities after which your emulator app will be set up.
  • Now, search for the ” iMessage app ” inside the emulator and select and then double click on the app.

After completing all the steps, you will be able to run the iMessage app similar to that you would use an apple phone.

iMessage for PC App features

There are a number of wonderful new features in this amazing application. They are as follows :

  • Not just send and share text but other formats of media too: It is very necessary for a messaging app today to be able to send messages in the form of text, pictures, videos and so on and iMessage just brings that to you. It allows you to do all that modern things that you would expect in a modern day instant messaging app.
  • Doodle out handwritten messages: It is not quite often that you feel like typing out your message on the keypad and sending it. iMessage has come up with this all amazing feature where you can just doodle and write messages by drawing them and sending it to the desired destination.
  • Some sick Effects: iMessage gives you the ability and opportunity to personalize your app according to the way you would like it.
  • Synching message with ease: Most often it is a better option to have a backup of your message in some other safe place. And there is nothing quite as safe as your email. iMessage allows you to sync your messages to your phone with your email address.
  • Versatile: Well the other person at the receiver end does not necessarily have to be an iMessage user all the time. He or she can view the text in a normal manner with the more traditional inbuilt message apps. Thus, making iMessage a more versatile app than other modern instant messaging apps in the market.
  • Ease of switching: There are times when the internet might not work properly. In such cases iMessage still allows you to send texts like that in traditional messages. And in doing so your service provider may charge you for the sent texts and messages.
  • React to messages: Now, you can also react to messages. This feature allows you to react to messages with the help of six different reactions which is built in by Apple itself. These reactions include a thumbs up, thumbs down, a heart, a ha ha laugh, question mark and exclamation mark.
  • Express through animations: iMessage allows you to send out animations. It is always fun to spice up your messages and what better way to do it then with the help of animations.
  • Group Chat: Having a chat in a group is always fun and sometimes really important. Rather than having to share the same message separately to various people. Now, you can create groups to chat among selves and get instant feedback by the users in a group at the same time.

How to use iMessage on PC?

Well, the use of iMessage on PC is the same as that in other iOS devices. If you are an iOS user than getting started with iMessage on PC will not be difficult at all. But, for those who have installed it for the first time can take the help of the following steps listed below.

  • Open the message app and then go to settings and toggle on the iMessage button.
  • Then you have to create an Apple ID if you don’t have one. If you have one then you can simply log into your account.
  • Now simply compose your text and messages and send your messages to the desired destinations.

FAQs About iMessage For PC

Q1. Can I send messages from iMessage PC to a non-iPhone friend? 

Ans. As long as you are using the iPhone emulator to use iMessage, you can send the messages to anyone. The receiver might not have iMessage installed in his or her device.

Q2. How to delete iMessage sticker package from my iPhone ?

Ans. The iMessage sticker package can be very easily deleted from your App Drawer.

Q3. How to add sticker pack to iMessage on iMessage emulator in PC ?

Ans. You can simply select on the enable option for Automatically Adding apps on your device.

Q4. Can I get iMessage for PC on Windows Store or Play Store ?

Ans. iMessage app for PC is not available in Windows Store. In order to use iMessage on your PC, you will need to take the help of iPhone emulator applications.

Q5. Do you get charged for sending iMessages from PC ?

Ans. You can only send messages with the help of PC as long as your PC is connected to an Internet connection. There is no SMS fee associated with it as long as there is an Internet connection.

Q6. Can the address associated with iMessage be changed while on PC ?

Ans. Yes, you can make changes to your address while using iMessage on PC too.